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Who We Are??
We help to empower lives of the Palestinian /Syrian refugees youth and regaining hope for them. Hope Spot Organization (HSO) Is a NGO that works in the Relief and Youth Development Field. Our objective is to reduce the suffering of refugees in emergency situations and crises, and improve their lives' condition to develop their chances to face the tragic situations. The organization adopts principles of neutrality and non-subordination of any political, religious or regional points of view.

What we offer:
1- Psycho-social Support.
2-Developing and motivating young people to help them to integrate with the new societies.
3-Provide recreational and cultural activities for children.
4- Awareness sessions if needed.

Countries we work in : Norway - Germany - Turkey - Syria
Organization Number : 913772695

Our mission is to empower lives of the Palestinian /Syrian refugee youth and  rebuild their hope .


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With your help we draw a smile on their faces

02-02-2015 Hits:2329

Some pictures from our found rising campaign, during the distribution of winter clothes on the child...

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A message for humanity …

18-05-2015 Hits:1893

The whole neighborhood learn the sign language to surprise their deaf neighbor in Istanbul \Turkey. ...

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A Warm Christmas Present To the cold Syrian child

25-01-2015 Hits:2703

We are going to start a new campaign for children of Syria in Darra city , there is (2658) child goi...

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18-05-2015 Hits:1951

Siege is the outcome of a workshop via Skype with twelve young people under siege in Yarmouk Camp ne...

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A hero with a kind heart

18-05-2015 Hits:1747

Sanaa has been voted as a hero at the learning center in Zaatari. Gina Elisabeth Rudsrud (10.03.201...

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New Project (Flying away with your dreams)

26-10-2014 Hits:2440

We started out new Project (Flying away with your dreams) in cooperation with (Barn hjelper barn - u...

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About Us

Hope Spot Organization (HSO): Is an NGO that works in the Relief and Youth Development filed with the Palestinian & Syrian refugees.