• About the project:

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, and due to the escalating violence and the widely spread of killing, destruction in all parts of the country this led to deterioration of the security situation of the civilians. These reasons caused the displacement of many people from their homes towards safe and stable areas inside Syria (like big cities and the capital) and outside (such as Turkey - Jordan – Lebanon - …) and all that is just to obtain the minimum human right, which is the right to live in safe.

Days passing by and the increasing of the violence in Syria has exceeded expectations, which led to spread terror among peaceful citizens, and that makes the number of displacement people increasing day after day, until this case became a real problem that we need to find a solution for and put plans to solve it and reduce the suffering of those people by providing to them the life’s requirements inside Syria and outside it.

Due to lack of interest from  governmental institutions in some countries hosting refugees, and because not ability of UN organization to reach to all of needy people inside Syria and because of the large number of refugees and the breakdown of their daily life.

And due to many difficulties that faces the Refugee families from leaving their homes and live in camps to the lack of food, medicine, life basics until we reach to the children who are dropped out from schools for long time and what that affect them, not to mention the negative influences of the war on their physical and psycho-social life.

All of this leads us, we a group of young highly qualified lawyers and IT programmers, Teachers and Managers with our experience working in organizational humanitarian field to think seriously to create a specialized organization working with refugees and displaced people Syrians and the Palestinians who lives in Syria in order to be the hope of improving their living conditions and the recovery of some of the rights that have been lost during the war until they returned to their land safely.


  • About our Organization:

Our mission is to empower lives of the Palestinian and the Syrian refugee youth and rebuilds hope for the needy people.


Hope Spot Organization:  Is a NGO that works in the Relief and Youth Development filed, its objective to reduce the suffering of refugees in emergency situations and crises and to improve their live condition and develop their chances to face the tragic situations. The organization adopts the principles of neutrality and non-subordination of any political, religious or regional points of view.

We offer: 1- Psychosocial Support.

                  2- Developing and motivating young people to integrate them into the new society.

                  3-Provide recreational and cultural activities for children.

                  4- Caring with Deaf people and help them with their new life.

                  5- Awareness sessions if needed.

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Hope Spot Organization (HSO): Is an NGO that works in the Relief and Youth Development filed with the Palestinian & Syrian refugees.