Yarmouk camp - P1

Yarmouk camp Yarmouk camp
28 July 2014

Part I  

in Syria

"Yarmouk camp" for Palestinian Refugees .

"Yarmouk camp" built in "1957", upon space ( 2,11 km2) to provide shelters for Palestinian refugees in Syria . it is far from Damascus the capital about  8 k.m.

According to UNRWA classification, "yarmouk camp" is not an official camp because it contains not only Palestinians but also Syrian poor citizens. It  consists of two big streets, "Palestine" street which is near to (Tadamoun Alley). It contains two big vegetables sales centers.  and " yarmouk" street  spreads to be near  (Hajar Al-Aswad alley)which inhabited by Syrian people who came  from "Al-Jwlan" that was occupied by "Israel" in "1967".  

"Yarmouk" street fall of trade shops, café, restaurants, seamstress workshops and shoes making workshops. which made it one of the most important trade streets in Damascus.

Most of Palestinian refugees  during the last 30 years improved their buildings and homes which became better than buildings and houses in comparison with other Palestinian camps in Syria. you can find many of them  working as Doctors, engineers, employers work for UNRAWA FOUNDATION  and Syrian governmental establishments.  you can see some of them work private enterprises, for example: painters, construction building workers, peddlers, dressmakers, hairdressers, and some of them work in trade. Moreover, Most of the Palestinian families sent their sons and daughters to work at Gulf area to improve their financial conditions specially the period between "70th" and "2000" that reflected positively at living conditions.

In "Yarmouk camp", there are four hospitals, one trade governmental bank, municipality, two police centers, one for "yarmouk" camp and other for "Tadamoun" alley that took place at Palestine street, post office, sport center, educational center, judicial court, governmental secondary schools, and most of preparatory and elementary schools belong to UNRWA. Also, UNRWA tends two centers for external activities and programs to improve and develop women skills.

In "1996" UNRWA could improve health centre by donations of "Canadian" government.

In "1997", Built infant school and improved six schools by donation of "Australian" and "American" governments.

In "1998", built health center by donation of "Netherlands" government.


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