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26 October 2014


''Basel'' A young deaf man living in Syria, Hope spot team help him during his agony and he send this message to thank us for what we've done 
Basel were hit by a car while he was going to his work in early morning and nobody take him to the hospital after 2 hours from the accident, he was in coma suffering from head injuries and a broken in arm and leg and he needs an urgent operation.
We in Hope spot collect the money and through our connections in Syria managed to help him and right now he is in a good condition sending to us this message to thank everybody was a part in his curing process.

The message said : Hello to all specially Bayan (his friend the one who told us about Basel case) I'm now fine and good ,They put in my arm some platinum nails and metal plates , it hurts a bit but it’s ok i can move it a little .
The doctor told me that i can't work or do any kind of efforts by my arm and leg for one year, so i can't work anymore or play sports . I should stick in bed , but thanks God that i'm alive  .At the end Me and my family would like all the people who helped us especially Mr.Tareq (Hope Spot Org Founder ) for his caring and calls , and hope to see you well and fine.
Regards ...
That was his message to us , We are so proud to help the people and this is what we are founded for ...
Help Us , To help them ...
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