Yarmouk camp - P2

Yarmouk camp Yarmouk camp
28 July 2014

Part II 

in Syria

"Yarmouk camp" for Palestinian Refugees .

Affected with events in Syria 2011-2014

"Yarmouk camp" with its location in the middle of south towns in "Damascus", "Yeilda", "Babbila", "Tadamoun", "Hajar Al-aswd"," Al-Qadam", "Al-Asali" towns- that uprised against Assad regime- made it safe shelter for many of their inhabitants thinking camp will not be bombed by Assad regime just because it is under international custody represented by United Nations. But it is not true! simply you are terrorists only to give help to those insurgents according to the mentality of tyrannical regimes.


"Palestine street" was the first one which faced a lot of troubles and struggles between insurgents who came from "Tadmoun" and "Assad regime". Wherefrom the last one pervaded "Tadamoun" alley several times by tanks and had severe bombing by missiles, mortar bombs and battery bombs that dropped lot of victims, and destructions which caused to expel most of "Tadmoun" alley inhabitants' out of their houses and refuged to "Yarmouk camp" via "Palestine street"; which in turn faced Assad  regime bombing.

In Ramadan, 2012, before ten minutes of Al-Maghreb prayer calling- the first two tanks bombs had been shot at "Al-Ja'aouna street" after clear threaten from one of Syrian army soldier to people of "Palestine street"; "you be the next", 25 people had been killed, few of them were carnage. Moreover, this event was not the only one," Assad regime" killed 11 young men during demonstration against it at "Dawar" part. Also car bombed too, at the same region, was sent by civil defense force belonged to Assad regime in Nisreen Street at "Tadamoun" alley. For that, those massacres outraged anger among Palestinian people, and started to demonstrated against Assad regime's way of suppression Syrian people demonstrations'.

"Palestine" street faced a lot of bombing during Syrian Army pervaded to "Tadamoun" which in turn caused to expel all its inhabitants early before rest of "Yarmouk camp" people.

In middle of December 2012, armed oppositionists entered to "Yarmouk camp" after long struggle with" Ahmad jebreel" forces-"Ahmad Jebreel" is secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- who in turn made themselves part of this struggle by bombing "Hajar Alaswd" with mortars and fighting armed oppositionists near to "30" street and "Yarmouk" street that affected negatively and destructively upon "Yarmouk camp".

For that, Masjed "Abed Al-Qader Al-Houseeni" and “Al gauneh school” had been bombed by military air force which caused horrible massacre against refugees from near places who made it as a shelter.

A lot of people who were fighting with "Ahmad jebreel" moved apart from his forces after this event and joined to Free Syrian Army.


To be continued….!

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