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18 November 2014

Dear World,

The heroes of the White Helmets must be doing the most dangerous and inspiring job in the world right now -- yet most people have never heard of them. Media and politicians are focusing on the threat of ISIS, but the search and rescue workers saving thousands of lives in Syria are lacking vital support and equipment.


The White Helmets are the firefighters, medics and search and rescue teams that make up the Syrian Civil Defense. Together, these unarmed and impartial volunteers rush into neighborhoods after bombs have hurtled down, looking for survivors and digging them out of the rubble with their bare hands. They do this with helicopters and warplanes overhead, knowing there’s a massive risk that another bomb could fall in the same spot in minutes.

They risk their lives daily to help anyone in need, asking for nothing in return except for tools to save even more lives. And we can help get that to them. It turns out that millions of international aid dollars earmarked for restoring Syria are going unspent. We’ve put together a lobbying plan to get the funds released for the White Helmets -- but we need thousands of us to speak out in order for it to work. Add your voice now:


Despite losing loved ones, the White Helmets put on their uniforms to go out and save lives day after day. The volunteers have a saying that keeps them going on days when they're responding to dozens of attacks, when they are tired and they’ve seen too much: “to save one life, is to save all of humanity”. They are on the frontline of that fight to make every life count.

More than 50 bombs and mortars a day land on some neighborhoods in Syria. Many are rusty barrels filled with nails and explosives, rolled out the back of government helicopters onto homes, schools and hospitals. The civilians left behind are often the ones to poor to leave. They bear the brunt of the violence as the conflict escalates. 

One firefighter told us how members of his team had been willing to sacrifice their own lives on one occasion to save a fire truck, because supplies are so scarce but they help so many. While our politicians talk, we can act and help protect those living under barrel bombs. Support the White Helmets now. Sign the petition telling donor governments around the world to fund their critical, life-saving work:

They’ve been described as “Syria’s angels”. When so many have chosen to kill, the White Helmets have chosen to risk their lives to save others. Their cause is universal. Let’s stand with them.


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