A Warm Christmas Present To the cold Syrian child

25 January 2015

We are going to start a new campaign for children of Syria in Darra city , there is (2658) child going to schools without jackets or socks or gloves or hats and they are freezing during this winter and due to many other bad circumstances we decided to collect money and send it to them through our people who works there to buy (Woolen hat - Gloves - scarf ) for each child and we will take the advantage from this month to make them feel that there are people thinking of them .
We need (7000 EUR) to cover all and we have lists of the names and ages and classes for each child and they will provide us bills and pictures during the distribution and there will be reports for that.
Please open your hearts and wallets during this month-long campaign to provide warmth to Syrian children for an entire winter season.

In this video you will see our report from Daraa City and their situations during winter ….
We know that there are still good people in this world…
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