A hero with a kind heart

18 May 2015

Sanaa has been voted as a hero at the learning center in Zaatari.

Gina Elisabeth Rudsrud (10.03.2015)

When teachers in the NRC learning center at Zaatari refugee camp were asked to vote for their hero, people voted for Sanaa.

A wife, mom and teacher, Sanaa has been in Jordan since 2013 and is the only breadwinner in her household. She lives a busy life, taking care of her children, keeping the house clean, making food for her family and working as a teacher at the learning center in Zaatari.

When voting for Sanaa as their hero, many listed “the kindness in her heart” as the reason. And Sanaa enjoys helping others.

 “If you can help someone, you are alive; you have a value in this society”, she says.

Sanaa talks about the hard times when she and her family first arrived in Zaatari. “When I first came to the camp I did not like it. Life was hard. But thanks God, we managed to better our conditions. We met people here and heard about their problems. Then I felt better and was thankful less had happened to us and that we could help our neighbors."

After arriving in Zaatari camp, Sanaa has devoted herself to helping children at the learning center:

“There was a child who was scared of coming to school, because a teacher at another school threatened her and said ‘if you do not study, we will send you back to Syria’. I adopted this girl in school and followed her up with other teachers. She is coming to school regularly now. I feel very proud when I help other people. “
Even though Sanaa has a busy life and much to take care of, she is happy.

“I enjoy having to work all day. If I find one hour where I’m not doing something for someone, I feel ill”.

Source:  from NRC ....

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