Eid party

02 November 2015

If you want to know where is your donations goes for!!? This is where it goes, we made 4 parties in Damascus and Daraa city inside Syria, which held in (Yarmouk Camp for Palestinians refugees - Darra Camp for Palestinians refugees - Al Sadd area - Daraa the Center) .

Finally and after the blessing from God and the help of our anonymous heroes we managed to get inside Besieged Yarmouk Camp with humble donation to draw a shy smile upon the children faces, so As we manage to distribute 1500 bag of popcorn and potato chips during the first and second days of Eid Al fitr as a first step for our future projects ......

Also In Darra city we distributed games for 250 child and we managed to take them out from the war atmosphere through recreational activities that we made, we drawn Happiness over their faces during that day

Thanks for all our team in Damascus and Daraa, Thanks for all the people who believed and supported us by their donations and we hope that you continue your support so we can continue our work and give Hope to the Hopeless …

To know more about out next project please visit the donation section …

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