Yarmouk camp - P3

Yarmouk camp Yarmouk camp
24 August 2014

Part III

in Syria

"Yarmouk camp" for Palestinian Refugees .


Affected with events in Syria 2011-2014

Battles going up, concentrated on "Al-Nasreh" alley (Rama street), "Reejeh square" at "Yarmouk street", and Yarmouk municipality at "Palestine" street. The phenomena of bombing car is moved to Yarmouk from Damascus alleys. Several cars bombed in "Yarmouk", but the most dangerous one was the one which exploded in "Reejeh" square that caused horrible buildings destruction.


After that, free Syrian army and opposition forces announced their control upon "30" street- it linked "Yarmouk camp" with "Hajer Al-Aswad"- Assad forces and "Ahmad Jebreel" forces shared bombing buildings that took place on this street. They had been shot by tanks, earth-earth missiles from "Al-Qa'a" towers that overlooked and near to "Yarmouk" camp. Also, from casern that belonged to Syrian forces next to "Sofian Al-Thury" Masjed in "Al-Qa'aa" alley.

Siege and Starvation

"Ahmad jebreel" forces and other 13 Palestinian forces shared Assad regimes to besiege "Yarmouk" camp for 365 days. Yarmouk camp had completely besieged since last August 2013, 25 thousand people had been besieged, more than 150 people starved tell March 2014.

Humanitarian Procession to save people

Many processions had been submitted to save Palestinian people under siege; one of them was to grant 5000 food baskets, but most of them had been stolen by thugs and Palestinian 14 fronts who besieged "Yarmouk" camp.

-         Second procession was to get out 300 patients and wounded people from Yarmouk camp most of them were from women, children and old men but Syrian forces shoot them to prevent them from going out camp.

-         Big media campaign have been made to support , break siege and gather money to stand beside Palestinian people under siege in "Yarmouk" camp, called "Houna Moukhaim Al-Yarmouk", another one called "save Yarmouk camp". More than 60 Palestinian radio stations shared in one broadcast.

-         Last one is made by people of Yarmouk camp included;

Complete withdrawal to free Syrian army who are not inhabitants in Yarmouk camp and remain only opposition forces from Palestinian to safe all Yarmouk entrance and prevent any forces to get in it. It was approved by Syrian regime represented by colonel of Palestine branch intelligence.

2- Open the main entrance of "Yarmouk" camp and allow to enter all life vitals. But this procession faced a lot of obstacles specially by 14 Palestinian fronts because it does not grant them any power over camp and prevent" Ahmad jebreel" forces from enter the camp because they are involved of killing and destruction people and buildings in "Yarmouk".

-         This inequitable siege prevents  people from getting simplest life vitals, for example; food, medicines and vaccines which in turn spread many epidemics specially; polio, TYPHUS, icterus and different kinds of diseases because continuous lack of power and water, cleaning materials, soaps,  and detergents to wash clothes and bodies.

-         Nowadays, most of people suffer from Typhus which spread quickly between them because lack of water and required vaccines to stop this epidemic that threatened life hundreds of people in camp, 150 sickness of this epidemic have been registered during Ramadan month. Syrian forces and 14 Palestinian fronts who besieged camp refused till now allow entered the required and enough remedy for people.


Suffer and siege is still remain

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