A Memory of Friends

06 September 2014

Khaled , Hassan , Ahmed ,Dr.Jalal, Firas ....

They were one of my dearest friends I ever had. We spend together some funny times and some bad ones.

Khaled: (The owner of the shy Smile) we call him. He is field relief activist and the hope of the youth inside Yarmouk camp.

Hassan: Young actor, speak about his passionate to the theater, he declare his love to the camp through his plays.

Ahmed: (Prince of the camp) bold and brave man has no fear from anything even death, he has a pure heart as white as snow.

Dr.Jalal :One of the best psychiatrists in Syria, modest, expert and has a good heart.

Firas : Successful Project Manager, ambitious and simple , he gives hope into the hearts of others.

All of them fought for their case, for their camp, for their dream of return to Palestine and call for freedom of them self and their people from injustice. Their laughter gives hope to all the camp refugees, and because of this the hand of tyranny took them, tortured them and at the end Killed them and two of them still in prison  ....

 Rest In Peace My friends who died and freedom to Firas and Dr. Jalal and We will complete the way you had started ...


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